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Copper production HERMETIK descaling on copper products

High quality oxygen-free copper rod for coated copper wire applications

Copper rod line with ultra-high performance descaling system

  • Cost efficient; pickling line is unnecessary
  • Environmentally friendly; electrolysis plant is unnecessary
  • No second medium cycle is required, milling emulsion is used for descaling
  • No temperature drop, no influence on rolling mill


HERMETIK patented TORNADO rotary nozzle for high-pressure water milling. The nozzle for ultra-high impact.

The HERMETIK Rotary nozzles (patented) with their constant spiral-pattern movements provide high efficiency descaling that removes scale from all parts of the surface, whatever kind and appearance the scale may be.

Quality figures:

The visible descaling result

Total removal of surface scale
Enclosed scale removal

The torsion test

The torsion test is the significant evaluation test for coated or enameled copper wire (15 turns in one direction)

After twisting the rod, the difference between descaling with or without Rotary descaling is visible. Rotary desclaing removes the scale completly.


  • Capacity 8-60t/h
  • Caster speed 10-15 m/min
  • Dimension of cast bars: 60x90mm
  • Mill speed: up to 30 m/s
  • Ø Rod 8-22mm
  • Product ETP-Cu, CuAg0,1, …


  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Durable and reliable solution
  • Pickling line is unnecessary
  • Electrolysis plant is unnecessary
  • Significantly reduced power consumption compared to conventional system
  • Reduced water consumption
  • High output quality with lower production costs
  • No temperature drop during descaling, no influence on rolling mill process
  • Extended life time of rolling mill rollers, lower wear rate