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HERMETIK descaling with high-pressure water

Professional high-pressure water descaling with HERMETIK

HERMETIK is the expert for all challenges relating to descaling: The high-pressure pump systems we manufacture, always meet the requirements of our customers.
We have achieved our leading position through decades of innovative research and development work as well as our unconditional demand for the highest quality.
We offer all components from a single source: From the high-pressure water pumps to valves and pipes to the stationary and rotating nozzle headers in our scale washers and accessories. Turnkey systems for high-pressure water descaling are also part of our portfolio


Our industries

HERMETIK high-pressure pumps and scale washers are used in a wide variety of industries – we always develop tailor-made solutions for our customers that perfectly fit their individual challenges.



  • Steel industry
  • Copper industry
  • aluminum industry
  • Automotive
  • Maritime & offshore industry
  • Concrete renovation
  • Chemistry etc.

Efficient and reliable: HERMETIK high-pressure pumps set Standards

Hermetik has been setting the standards in the high-pressure positive displacement pump sector for 40 years.
We do not make any compromises, but rather combine very high performance with craftsmanship precision and the latest technology in our high-pressure pumps. With Hermetik products that are precisely tailored to your requirements, you can improve the surface quality of your steel, copper and aluminum production, reduce the use of resources and achieve higher rolling speeds.
Hermetic high-pressure pumps: You supply the water, we do the rest!


Selected high-pressure pumps for your descaling in our range


  • up to 175kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 70 US gpm


  • up to 250kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 140 US gpm


  • up to 550kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 320 US gpm


  • up to 1100kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 530 US gpm


About HERMETIK pumps

  • Power up to 1800 kW
  • 40 years of experience
  • Working pressure up to 43500 psi

High-pressure water descaling made to order – Full service from HERMETIK

Complete service from a single source: As a system supplier, Hermetik offers the right solution for each of your tasks in the area of high-pressure water descaling. From initial planning to regular maintenance, you can rely on our experts.


  • More than 40 years of experience
  • Groundbreaking innovations
  • International expertise


For over 4 decades, Hermetik has been developing descaling solutions that work. We regularly set innovative and future-oriented industry standards that are used worldwide.


We develop all the crucial components of our systems ourselves and always respond to your specific requirements. We are also your partner for turnkey descaling systems.


We ensure that your HERMETIK solution is delivered on time and check all components again on site. The assembly is carried out professionally by our experienced technicians.

Start up

We will assist you during start up and train your practical users. We look at the technical features of your high-pressure pumps as well as safety instructions and more.


We rely on experienced specialists to maintain your descaling systems - so we can guarantee thorough but quick work. If a repair is necessary, we will carry it out at your location or in our company.

Energy savings

If you would like to expand or modernize an existing system, we will take care of all the necessary work from conception to start up. We optimize the energy consumption of your existing system with our economical high-pressure pumps and descaling systems. You save energy and therefore costs.

Question & Answers

As experts in high-pressure pumps and descaling systems, we have more than 40 years of experience in development, production, start up, maintenance and repair. We make no compromises and always provide you with exactly the solution you need.
Whatever application you need a HERMETIK product for, we will ensure that it meets your exact requirements – convince yourself of our superior high-pressure technology!

For which applications does Hermetik supply high-pressure pumps?

HERMETIK high-pressure pumps can be used in a wide variety of industrial sectors, including steel, copper and aluminum production, automotive, maritime and offshore industries or even industrial cleaning. We see ourselves as a system supplier with expertise in pump construction and descaling: We adapt each product individually to the needs of our customers

How to improve the efficiency of high-pressure pumps?

In order to maximize the efficiency of a high-pressure pump, the system should always be precisely adapted to the individual requirements of the application. This includes optimizing the entire system including pipes, valves and nozzles, but also regular maintenance.

How are high-pressure pumps maintained and repaired?

Regular maintenance and repairs of the high-pressure pump as needed are essential for its proper functionality. For this purpose, our trained specialist staff checks, among other things, pressure, seals and lubrication and replaces wearing parts. The repair can take place at your location or in our workshop.

What are high pressure pumps?

A high-pressure pump increases the working pressure of the fluid and is used in water-hydraulic systems for a variety of purposes. For surface technology, the pumps are used for descaling steel, copper and aluminum products.