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Products for high-pressure water systems

Our products: quality from HERMETIK

HERMETIK has been one of the market leaders in the field of high-pressure water systems for decades. Whether in descaling or numerous other applications, we supply suitable products for every company and every production line.

You provide the water, we take care of the rest: Hermetik pumps, nozzles and systems impress with their unrivaled efficiency and customer-oriented service.


Selected high-pressure pumps for your descaling in our range


  • up to 175kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 70 US gpm


  • up to 250kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 140 US gpm


  • up to 550kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 320 US gpm


  • up to 1100kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 530 US gpm

HERMETIK high-pressure solutions: Our products

Hermetik is your reliable provider of high pressure water solutions. Our offer for you includes the following products:



High-pressure water supply pipes, bag and backwash water filters, quick-release couplings for high-pressure pipes: Here you will find all the necessary accessories for your hermetic high-pressure water systems.



Our high-pressure pumps, developed and manufactured in Germany, impress with their state-of-the-art technology and excellent craftsmanship. They are among the best positive displacement pumps on the market.


Oxide scrubber

Scale inclusions affect the surface quality of the products during metal production. Descaling systems and oxide scrubbers from Hermetik provide indispensable services in steel, copper and aluminum production.


Other systems

HERMETIK high-pressure water systems are used in a wide variety of applications such as deburring, paint removal, road demarcation, cleaning applications, concrete removal, shipbuilding and many more



Whether the rotating nozzle heads, our HERMETIK water milling system or our particularly easy-to-maintain stationary nozzle bars: Hermetik nozzles remove oxide layers reliably and effectively


Pump room

Find out about examples of our turnkey high-pressure pump rooms, precisely designed and equipped with powerful high-pressure pumps from HERMETIK.


Our range of services – We are there for you with our comprehensive professional expertise

In addition to technical innovation and the highest production quality, reliable service is our most important flagship. Our highly qualified employees are available to you quickly and reliably at any time for commissioning, modernization, maintenance, repairs and other service measures.
Do you need spare parts? Our spare parts service is there for you – even if you bought and installed your HERMETIK products 40 years ago.
Would you like to try out our products first? Contact us to arrange a test installation with detailed instructions from our trained experts.