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HERMETIK High-pressure water pump room

Turnkey high-pressure water pump room from


The high pressure pump room is a critical component in industrial production as it is responsible for providing water for surface treatment. High pressure pumps are used to deliver the water at sufficient pressure to clean oxidized surfaces and effectively remove contaminants.

We develop all the crucial components of our high-pressure water pump rooms ourselves and always respond to your specific requirements. Trust HERMETIK, your system supplier for fully equipped pump rooms.



High-pressure water pump rooms for many industries

HERMETIK pump rooms with HERMETIK high-pressure pumps are used in a wide variety of industries – we adapt your system individually to specific requirements so that the pump room fits your business perfectly.

  • Steel industry
  • Copper industry
  • Aluminum industry
  • Automotive
  • Maritim & Offshore industry
  • Concrete renovation
  • Chemistry etc.


In order to ensure safe use of high-pressure pumps, various safety aspects must be taken into account. Our highly qualified employees conduct safety training for pump operators. It is important that these people have the correct knowledge and skills to operate the equipment correctly and recognize potential hazards.

In addition, HERMETIK can carry out regular maintenance on the pumps in the high pressure water pump room to ensure that they are functioning properly and do not pose any safety risks. This includes checking the pressure settings, inspecting the hoses and valves, and checking the power supply. A well-maintained and controlled pump system minimizes the risk of accidents or failures.

HERMETIK Pump rooms at a glance

We plan your high-pressure pump room according to your specific specifications. If you would like to get an impression of projects that have already been implemented, please take a look at our examples. HERMETIK pump rooms are highly efficient and pay for themselves in a very short time (ROI < 18 month)

HERMETIK pump rooms are designed to meet the needs of your business. It offers enough space for the safe installation and operation of high-pressure pumps. Additionally, we design the pump rooms so that they are easily accessible to perform maintenance or can be quickly repaired or replaced in the event of a failure.

We would be happy to advise you on your tailor-made pump room

4 x HJJ300

  • Power 1650kW
  • up to 43500 psi
  • up to 950 US gpm